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Wetscream 27.5 x 2.50 Clincher Wire Black

Wetscream 27.5 x 2.50 Clincher Wire Black

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    As the name implies, the Maxxis Wetscream is designed for the most heinous muddy downhill race conditions imaginable. The Wetscream is a competition use only tire and it is intended for wet conditions only.

    Category: Downhill

    Recommended use: Muddy downhill race conditions

    Recommended installation: Front and Rear


    As the name implies, Maxxis’ Downhill casing tires are designed for extreme use in all gravity applications from downhill racing to bike park riding to free riding to long travel e-bikes. A Maxxis Downhill tire is made with two layers of our durable 60 TPI casing material along with a large butyl rubber insert that extends from each bead into the sidewall. The butyl insert helps prevent pinch flats, protects the rim from impacts, and provides additional sidewall stability.

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