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Stacyc Bike 12 EDrive

Stacyc Bike 12 EDrive

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STACYC™ Stability Cycle is an Electric Powered Balance Bike.  STACYC was designed to be a non intimidating way for young children to lean and enjoy riding two wheels. A STACYC™ is the first “powered” balance bike and is confidence inspiring for a child who has only been walking for a short time. If your child can walk, they can begin to ride a STACYC™ in the non-powered mode. Once your child is proficient in coasting and braking, they can begin the last “powered” phases of the process. This will bridge them through the awkward years of physical development where the leg/torso ratio does not allow for a low and stable seat height in a regular bicycle. The STACYC™ was designed to allow children to gain all the skills of riding bicycles and while allowing for an extremely low seat height and low weight, providing thousands of hours of seat time, not easily attainable with a regular “kids” sized bicycle.

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