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Shimano NO4C Metal XTR Pads

Shimano NO4C Metal XTR Pads

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Shimano disc brake pads made for 4 piston callipers in XTR, XT and SLX ranges.

Always use Shimano Disc Brake pads to ensure top brake performance and to maintain the safety of your Shimano brake system. Shimano have adopted ICE-TECHNOLOGIES into their disc brake pad range to provide the cooling technology required for consistant performance. The Metal Pads have a "high" stopping power and the resin pads have an "above average" stopping power.


  • Radiator Fin provides longer pad life and less brake fade by allowing airflow to cool the brake pads faster
  • Metal Pad Compound:
    • Metal pads consistently perform well in dry or wet conditions, and have excellent power and durability.
    • Rigid compound
    • Longer services life
    • High power in severe conditions
    • Design for muddy and sandy conditions
    • For 4-piston calliper
  • Compatability: BR-M9120, BR-M8120, BR-M7120 
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