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Rockshox Fork FS Pike 26 15x100 40

Rockshox Fork FS Pike 26 15x100 40

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This is Pike DJ. It’s a cousin to the award-winning Pike, which makes it look a lot like a trail fork, until you ride it. Pike DJ is built on a stout 35mm chassis and includes a custom-tuned Charger™ damper and specific Solo Air™ system designed for more bottom-out progression than you’ll ever need because your trails eventually require some landings.


  • New graphic package for a fresh, premium look
  • Proven Charger damper with specific Dirt Jumping/Slopestyle tune
  • Specific Solo Air top cap for extra bottom-out progression
  • Accepts Bottomless Tokens to easily custom tune the air spring performance to best match you own riding style and suspension preference

Which bike: Dirt Jumpers or Slopestyle riders that want a fork capable of landing big hits with finesse and confidence.

Spring type: The Pike DJ features a customised Solo-Air spring assembly that offers more bottom-out progression than standard.

Wheel size compatibility: The Pike DJ is for 26” wheels only.

Fork offset: 40mm

Axle to crown height: 100mm travel - 482mm

Max tyre width: 66mm or 26 x 2.6” wide.

Suspension travel amount: 100mm

Compression damper style technologies/adjustments: The Pike Dj features a customised Charger damper and provides incremental low-speed compression damping adjustment.

Rebound damper technologies/adjustments: Incrementally adjustable low-speed rebound adjustment.

Travel adjustability: Travel can be adjusted by replacing the air spring assembly (sold separately).

Volume adjustability: Air volume can be adjusted by removing or replacing bottomless tokens. Add tokens to increase the amount of resistance you feel further into the travel or remove them to provide a more linear response through the full travel of your fork.

Stanchion diameter: The Pike DJ uses 35mm aluminium tapered wall stanchions.

Axle size and style: 15 x 100mm Maxle with QR.

Steerer tube standard: 1.5” Tapered steerer tube.

Lowers materials: Magnesium alloy lowers.

CSU / Steerer tube materials: Forged aluminium crown, 1.5” Tapered aluminium steerer.

Brake hose clamp / retention style: Included full-wrap bolt-on hose/cable guide.

Brake mount style: 160mm Post Mount.

Brake rotor compatibility (minimum/maximum): 160mm Minimum, 220mm maximum

Pros: A specific fork for a specific task, featuring excellent air-spring and damper changes over standard and a great balance of stiffness and suppleness in a lightweight package.

Cons: Some riders may want the added adjustability of controlling high-speed compression and rebound damping.

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