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Renthal Fatbar Lite - 760mm wide 31.8mm clamp

Renthal Fatbar Lite - 760mm wide 31.8mm clamp

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Designed specifically for the aggressive trail rider.

Renthal has found the perfect combination of weight and durability! The Fatbar Lite is a lightweight handlebar that can hold up to the rigours of trail riding without sacrificing any durability. This bar is constructed from 7 series aluminium and shot-peened for longevity. With a hard anodised finish, the bar will resist corrosion and the graphics will never fade. Available in a wide range of rises for a personalised fit.

Who's this item for: Any Trail, AM and Enduro riders looking for a lightweight and durable bar.

Material: Trail-proof 7 series Aluminium Alloy that is shot-peened for longevity and has a hard anodised finish to prevent corrosion.

Width: 760mm width

Sweep: 7° backsweep, 5° upsweep

Rise: Available in 10, 20, 30, 38, and 40mm rise options.

Markings: Laser-etched setup marks. Width marks for custom trimming.

Clamping diameter/bore: This bar comes in both 31.8mm and 35mm clamping diameter.


  • 272g (31.8mm)
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