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Krush Ultra Drive Train Degreaser

Krush Ultra Drive Train Degreaser

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Krush Ultra Drivetrain Degreaser is a powerful citrus based degreaser tailored to meet the maintenance needs of the modern MTB drivetrain. We put our bikes through hell all year round on dry dusty trails full of abrasive grit, from winter shreds through to foot deep mud ruts, pushing our bike drivetrain to its limits. With this kind of punishment it’s key to take the time after every ride to clean your chain, chain ring, cassette and derailleur with the right products to revitalise your drivetrain components ready to do it all over again. Krush Ultra Drivetrain Degreaser has been specifically designed to strip out old chain lube, grease, dirt and grit, which if left untreated can drastically reduce the life and performance of your drivetrain components.

Krush Ultra Degreaser is fully bioegradable and safe on all bike surfaces including carbon, alloy, plastic rubber, titanium, bearing seals and brake pads.

  • Size: 1 Litre
  • With spray nozzle
  • Increase the life and performance of drivetrain components
  • Natural citrus based formula is safe on all bike surfaces
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Leaves your drivetrain free of contaminates
  • Perfect addition to your Krush bike care program
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