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Fox Fork 38 29 F170 G2 15x110 44

Fox Fork 38 29 F170 G2 15x110 44

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The new Fox 38 boasts a beefy chassis built around 38mm stanchions for the smoothest operation in any rough terrain, while also increasing steering precision and predictability. The lower legs include specific air and oil channels, a floating axle, and the same bleed valves as the ones used in the World Cup-winning Fox 40. All of this combines to create a fork that ensures consistent performance no matter how many runs you do. The updated Grip-2 damper has externally adjustable high and low-speed compression and rebound, and the tuneable EVOL air spring makes it the finest single crown fork for rough terrain.

Fox created the smoothest, stiffest, and most tuneable of their forks with this all-new chassis. The floating axle design means the hub is perfectly in line with the upper and lower fork legs, which makes your ride smoother than ever. The back of the lower legs has increased air volume due to the new channels which decrease any unintended pressure ramping, while still allowing more oil to flow to the dust-wiper foam rings and bushings. The top-notch pressure equalisation comes from the bleed valves, which also allow for pressure release during long, rough runs, which improves small bump sensitivity and responsiveness.

While the Fox 38 is perfectly smooth, it still gives you all the stiffness you need due to the new lower-leg arch design. It has increased headtube clearance, even at full compression, and still optimises the stiffness-to-weight ratios. The Fox 38 also features a larger crown, and the steerer tube improves the chassis stiffness during long travels due to its elliptical inner profile and thicker walls at the front and back. The Fox 38 is 17% stiffer fore/aft and 38% stiffer torsionally than the amazing Fox 36.

There are also improvements on the Grip-2 damper on the high-speed compression circuit, as it now features Variable Valve Control (VVC). VVC means that the stiffness of the high-speed valve can be changed, without affecting the total oil flow. It’s custom-tuning your fork without having to take it all apart, and it has the added benefit of a much more predictable adjustment, better big-hit absorption, and less harshness.


  • Wheel size: 29”

  • Travel: 170mm

  • Axle: Kabolt-X 110

  • Dampers: Grip-2 with VVC,

  • Damper Controls: HSC, LSC, HSR, LSR

  • Rake: 44mm

  • Spring: Updated Float EVOL air spring

  • Colour: Shiny Orange

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