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Cush Core

Cush Core 29 XC Single

Cush Core 29 XC Single

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When CushCore debuted a handful of years ago it took the gravity side of MTBing by storm and for good reason. No false promises, just a solid product backed up by heaps of testing and data, lots and lots of data. Until now this great product was only available for gravity focussed riders with big tyres, well not anymore. CushCore's all-new XC Inner Tyre Suspension System is a lightweight version designed for cross-country racing and light(er) trail riding.

Who's this item for: XC racers and less aggressive/lightweight riders that want some extra protection and tyre damping but don't want the extra rotating mass of the standard CushCore.

Tubes/Tubeless: CushCore is not intended to be used with tubes.

Materials: It's made from a specifically designed and formulated closed-cell foam.

Theory: Ideally a tyre would act more like a suspension system with both a spring and a damper. The spring would support the load while the damper would dissipate the energy. CushCore's 'Inner Tyre Suspension System' delivers this technology to tyres for the first time. The engineered foam insert mounts inside a mountain bike tire and divides the inner volume of the tyre in half. The air underneath the tread patch, and the CushCore insert next to the rim. Together they work as a spring and damper. The air is the spring, the insert is the damper.

Durability: Cushcore inserts are extremely durable. One of the early tests to determine how well the foam would 'rebound' back into shape was to repeatedly strike it with a hammer on a concrete floor. Agricultural yes, but it served the task. The foam is engineered to repeatedly withstand poundings without degradation. A set typically lasts a rider a few years although the service life does depend on riding frequency, terrain, tyre pressure and other factors.

Compatibility: Tyre widths from 1.8″ to 2.4″ and inner rim widths from 22mm to 32mm.

Weight Per Wheel:

  • 27.5": 140g
  • 29": 150g

Stand Out Features: This is currently the only tyre insert on the market that offers rim protection as well as a tyre suspension system.


  • 1 x CushCore insert
  • 1 x CushCore tubeless valve
  • 2 x rim stickers

Pros: All in all CushCore makes your ride more comfortable, stable and enjoyable. This is easily the cheapest, performance-driven upgrade you can do to your bike. Just think about feeling 10-12% less impact from your front wheel. How nice would that be!

Cons: Installing CushCore does add some weight to your ride.

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